Sunday, August 31, 2008

August 5, 2008 Primary Election Results

3rd Circuit Court:  Hathaway, Pierce Kelley, Sullivan, Hubbard, Cunningham

County Offices:  Treasurer: Wojtowicz (d) Dunleavy (r)
                          Clerk: Garrett (d) Buffington (r)
                          Sheriff:  Evans (d) Nykoriak (r)
                          Reg of Deeds (unopposed): Youngblood (d)
County Commissioner:  9th Dist.: Slater (r), Diane Webb (d)
                                       13th Dist:  Beddoes (r), Woronchak (d)

State Reps:           11th Dist:  David E. Nathan (d), Leonard A. Mier, Jr. (r)
                        15th :  Gino Polidori (d), J. Scott Saionz (r)
                        16th:  Bob Constan (d), Joseph M. Smith (r)
                        17th: Andy Dillon (d), Sandra Eggers (r)

Zoo: yes

provided by Betsy, Voter Service Chair

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Primary Election Voter Guide - Vote August 5th

The latest voter guide includes a 'Primary Ballot Summary' and candidate information for the 9th District County Commissioner.
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For all the names on your Wayne County ballot, go to Wayne County Election Listing.