Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Contact your rep about the stimulus bill

Anyone in any state and district can find and contact the appropriate Congressional Rep by visiting the House website. It helps to know your full zip (with the extra 4 digits).

Here are the US Representatives for the LWVDDH coverage area:

11th District - Thaddeus McCotter (R)

14th District - John Conyers (D); email through website

15th District - John D. Dingell (D); email through website

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Fight Crime Against Kids

Open to Public


January 8, 2009 at 7:00PM at 120 N Military, Dearborn MI 48124


Child abuse and neglect – the statistics are shocking.  An incident of child abuse is reported on average, every 10 seconds.  Everyday four children die as a result of child abuse.  In 2006 in Michigan 28,327 substantiated cases were reported.  As State Director, Kathy K. P. Pelleran directs the programs Zero to # Secondary Prevention Program and the Michigan After-School Partnership.  These programs come under a statewide non-profit organization led by more than 370 of Michigan's best-known police chiefs, sheriffs, prosecutors and survivors.  Their goal is to improve the quality of life so these victims won't turn to a life of crime.  Ms. Pelleran will discuss the development of these programs, how they were implemented and how successful they've been.  Facing the staggering statistics of child abuse, she offers hope!!