Sunday, July 19, 2009

got electronic waste???

Barb Goryca, our natural resource go-to person, reported that Free Geek is an ideal choice for disposing of old tvs, computers and other electronic waste.   Some electronic collection agency may send hazardous waste to foreign dumps, but Free Geek commits to recycling (according to BAN principles) whatever cannot be reused.
"How You Can Help

This is how you can help:  become involved - donate your time. Donate some computer equipment.  Provide some unwanted electronic devices to us.  Send in money. Every little bit can helps. "


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Climate Change/Energy Bill

LWVDDH sent a letter of support to Congressman Dingell regarding HR 2454, the American Clean Energy and Security Act(ACES), sometimes referred to as the Climate Change Bill.   While he had already expressed support for the bill and likely 'yes' vote, we expressed our support and interest in keeping the bill strong. 
We appreciate Congressman Dingell's vote for this bill, as well as his overall environmental record.
 Find out how other House Reps voted here:
Communicating with our elected officials is important before and after these important votes.  Contact Representative Dingell or another House member here:
As you may have heard, the Senate version is already disappointing those concerned about climate change and clean energy.   Tell your Senators to support strong climate change legislation by clicking here to send them an email message.