Sunday, August 23, 2009

Department of Peace? LWV Study

Dear Fellow Leaguer:

Early in 2010 Leagues will participate in National Program Planning.  Some are recommending a study of a Department of Peace.


"The LWV Columbia/Boone County (MO) proposes the adoption of a national study by the LWVUS at the National Convention in 2010 on the establishment of a cabinet level Department of Peace."

Rationale:  "This study would support and expand LWVUS positions on:  Violence Prevention in the U.S.; International Relations; US Relations with Developing Countries; the United Nations; and Arms Control.  By doing this at the Cabinet level the approach of peace and nonviolence would be included in the consideration of all problems from the outset.

Responsibilities:  The Department of Peace will develop and manage programs which A) reduce the levels of violence in the U.S., and B) increase the chance of peaceful resolutions of conflicts internationally.

A current bill in congress addressing this issue is HR 808.  As with most major programs it is likely to take several years and many modifications before a bill is passed.
If you have any interest, email us and we will put you in touch with the coordinators from the LWV C/BC (MO) Peace Committee.

Friday, August 21, 2009

LWV Supports Public Option/Health Care Reform

League Urges Congress and President to Continue Support for Public Option

Washington, DC – "The public option in health care reform may not be essential to bureaucrats or insurance companies but it absolutely is essential to the almost 47 million uninsured Americans who live day to day without health care coverage," said League of Women Voters National President Mary G. Wilson. Calling on Congress and the President not to succumb to the bullying tactics being used by special interest groups, Wilson urged Congress and the President not to waver in their support of the public option included in H.R. 3200, America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009, recently passed by three House committees.

America is facing a health care crisis caused by a combination of skyrocketing costs and an insurance system that leaves millions of Americans without any coverage. "The current health care system is endangering our economy, our health, and our national security," Wilson said. "Last fall, voters elected a Congress and President that promised to reform our heath care system. Voters made it clear that they want a change in our health care system, a change that puts the brakes on the excesses created by a system dominated by large insurance companies," she continued.

"It is universal coverage that will determine the humanity of our system and a public option will make that possible for Americans who cannot obtain coverage through the traditional employer-sponsored plans," noted Wilson. "We believe that health care reform legislation must guarantee access to comprehensive and essential benefits to all U.S. residents."

"But the possibility of universal coverage is not the only advantage of the public option," warned Wilson. "We must control costs and the public option is the best chance to bring costs into line with reality. As a nation, we are spending $1 out of every $6 we earn on health care. Over the last three decades, increases in the amount we spend on health care have consistently risen faster than wages and inflation. Health care reform must provide effective cost controls, equitable distribution of services and allow for efficient and economical delivery of care. Offering everyone the choice of a government administered health insurance plan like Medicare that would compete with private health insurance plans is key to lowering costs."

"The public option is critical to health care reform," Wilson concluded. "Now is not the time for politicians to get cold feet just because a handful of special-interest-backed protesters spread lies and make noise at public forums. Congress and the President need to demonstrate real leadership and move forward with true health care reform."

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Clean Energy - Repower America

The Alliance for Climate Protection launched Repower America to galvanize the American public and promote comprehensive climate and clean energy legislation.  They link economic and environmental issues with national security.  Investing in renewable energy sources means economic growth, domestic-sourced energy and a cleaner environment.
LWVDDH encourages you to read this Repower MI Fact Sheet so that you can be an educated advocate, promoting the facts in your community and with your elected officials.  If you'd like local contact or other information, email us at