Wednesday, April 14, 2010

HFCC Earthstock 2010, Thursday, April 22, 11am-5pm

The HFCC Earthstock 2010 event will showcase local bands and campus musicians, educate participants about environmental issues and provide information about how to get involved with a variety of causes. Several student clubs and local and national environmental organizations will participate in this worthwhile event.
There will be food, fun, prizes, and special activities. The entire campus is invited to come out and celebrate together. The Student Environmental Association encourages HFCC instructors to bring their classes and would like administrators and college employees to stop by and join the celebration. 
Organized by the Student Environmental Association at Henry Ford Community College

11:00-11:20am                Student Council Trivia

11:25-1140am                 Introduction by Bill Secrest

11:45-12:05pm                Jesse Walker from the Clean Water Action

12:10-12:40pm                The Wall Clocks

12:45-1:05pm                  Jim Magyari from Feed My Sheep

1:10-1:40pm                    Amateur Anthropologist

1:45-2:25pm                    DJ Eryk White

2:30-3:00pm                    The Rugs

3:05-3:35pm                    DJ BAM

3:40-4:10pm                    Mason Grahl

4:15-4:35pm                    Mary, Stephanie and Tiffany - singing

4:40-5:00pm                    Dr. Robert Pizzimenti of Innate Chiropractic

Whatever Happened to Health Care Reform?

Although this may seem like old news, and some are just glad to talk about something else after months of 'debate', let's take a moment to review. What is actually going to happen to individuals/employees, employers that provide benefits, health care providers, insurance providers, and public programs?

The Kaiser Family Foundation has published a summary of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Health Care Reform recently signed into law). It includes details from the 'fix' that was passed shortly afterward.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pulling Weeds at Waterloo State Park

"Volunteers are needed to help hand-pull garlic mustard, an invasive non-native plant, at several parks. This activity will help protect and restore the unique natural areas in these southeast Michigan state parks. Volunteering for these workdays is a great way to "GO-Get Outdoors" and enjoy the wonderful, warm spring air."

If you can spare part of your weekend, attend one of these work days. Registration is required for planning the work teams (see registration link below).

On Saturday, April 24th, LWVDDH member Jenni Dunn invites interested and able-bodied volunteers to join the work at Waterloo State Park near Chelsea, MI. Pulling garlic mustard is probably not your idea of a fun day at the park, but the natural beauty of Michigan's woodlands is worth a few hours of hard work, isn't it?

Click here for other dates, times and locations of the workdays.

Volunteers should bring appropriate clothing for outdoor work, including long pants, boots, gloves, eye protection and drinking water. Register as an individual for the date and location of your choice, or contact Jenni to register with the April 24th work group.

Please contact Laurel Malvitz-Draper, Resource Steward for the Stewardship Unit, at 248-359-9057 or to find out more about this program and read about it on the Stewardship Program on the Michigan DNR web pages.