Thursday, July 21, 2011

Study Up, Stand Up, Stop Fracking.

We all have so much to do that we have to prioritize, and I am asking you to put fracking issues on the front burner this year. This has already gone too far across the states, and it will destroy our greatest treasure without even a speed bump along the way. I'd like to do more than slow them down while getting run over, but we can only make it stop if we work together.

Do you think ANY nationwide industrial procedure should be exempt from environmental regulations? Should ANY industry that uses tons of water and chemicals be set free to do as it sees fit throughout our state?

Some people do prefer less regulation, very few desire NO regulation. When Michigan residents learn about fracking, I expect we will have a consensus to put the brakes on this unhindered pollution threat.

As you consider the consequences to our state when crops, livestock and wildlife are damaged and community water supplies are destroyed, you might also want to consider how profiteers will benefit even more. If you know something about the global privatization and profit potential of water, then you know why pollution doesn't matter to corporate interests. Pollution just opens up another profitable market - selling drinkable water to you will be a great deal for them. If you want a silver-lining, maybe you can dream about getting a job driving water trucks from town to town.

Get started here:

The program "This American Life" also highlights the total disregard this industry has for local government. Can your elected officials withstand the propaganda and harrassment? Can you?


Listen to This American Life on Fracking